It Just Doesn’t Matter (Remix)

Do you find yourself constantly complaining about things outside your control?

Camp North Star is down big to rival, Camp Mohawk. All seems lost. Until Tripper (Bill Murray) gives a rousing speech which turns the tides leading to the ultimate underdog victory.

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I Can’t Let People Down

When I hear coaches say, “The pain of losing is more powerful than the pleasure of winning,” I understand it, but since coaching is not my world, I can’t fully relate to it.

I coached my youngest son’s 4 year old soccer team last year. It was pretty serious with the player draft (false), unrealistic parent expectations (parents were great), injury management (Tommy might have scraped a knee), playoff intensity (didn’t happen), and salary negotiations (of course not). But, I still wouldn’t say that I understand the everyday pressures that professional coaches face or the emotions that come along with them.

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George Bailey & Ikigai

Through the help of his Guardian Angel, Clarence, George Bailey, the protagonist from It’s a Wonderful Life, ultimately sees how his actions positively impacted the lives of the Bedford Falls residents. After evaluating his life, he concludes that “no man is a failure who has friends.” But, is his method of evaluation the best? If not, what is?

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Too Busy Winning (Remix)

There are a thousand areas where educators can direct their attention. It is hard to know where you will get the most return on your energy investment. Be careful not to dedicate your valuable time to something that might come across as impactful, but ultimately has little to no benefit on student learning.

Happy Gilmore’s Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald) is a highly unlikeable character. The man is trying to steal a sweet grandmother’s home. As much as you grow to hate Shooter over the course of the movie, in this scene he is absolutely correct.

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Feel a Great Deal Better (Remix)

*This is the first of previous MoviePrincipal posts that I am revamping for BlogGaud. In writing that, I got a yucky “Clip Show” feeling. Hopefully, the changes made will make the rereads worthwhile.

Previous experiences dictate how individuals approach new situations.

As a school principal, we often fill vacancies with veteran teachers. Most of the time I am unfamiliar with the working conditions or cultures of the schools from which a teacher is transitioning. From time to time I hear horror stories about “how bad” it was. It is important to take these accounts with a grain of salt. We all know the propensity for hyperbole in education.

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