New Blog

New Blog

I decided to rebrand my blog. Rebranding sounds funny because it’s not like MoviePrincipal had a following (except Tony…thanks Tony!). It did not take me long to settle on a name, BlogGaud.

BlogGaud Reasoning

  • Consonance – the recurrence of similar sounds, especially consonants, in close proximity.
    • I think this is correct. I knew it wasn’t alliteration, but something along those lines.
    • I did a real shallow Google dive and Consonance seemed to fit best.
  • Sarcasm vs. Unsubstantiated Self-Confidence
    • Sarcasm
      • I wrote 34 MoviePrincipal posts which generated a total ad revenue of $0.92.
      • I took Honors English in 11th grade. At the end of the year I was supposed to read T.C. Boyle’s The Tortilla Curtain as a precursor for 12th grade AP English. I didn’t want to. Instead, my senior year I took British Literature and we popcorn read Beowulf.
    • Unsubstantiated Self-Confidence
      • I think I’m crushing it.
      • I believe that people want my advice, think my stories are funny/entertaining, and are interested in my opinion on a variety of topics.
  • Cleverness of Turning Gaudet into Gaud
    • I do this all the time!
      • Home Gym – Gaud Complex
      • Outdoor Patio – Gauden of Eden
      • Snowmobile – Gaud Only Snows (okay, I don’t have a snowmobile, but wow, what a great name if I did)

All the information on writing a blog says that you should narrow your focus to increase your readership. I am choosing to ignore that data. With MoviePrincipal I struggled to formulate new posts because I covered a lot of topics in a relatively low number of pieces.

To start, I am keeping things broad. Education, business ideas, poetry, movie pitches, complaints, leadership, motivation, and whatever pops into my head is on the table for potential posts. More topics equals more posts, and allows me to consistently produce more content.

Who knows, maybe I can break the $1.00 ad revenue benchmark, but if not, I’ve always got Tony!

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