Should I Be Outraged?


Of course not.

That is a ridiculous question.

I have a theory that the website exists.

When people go to the website, they type in an idea, a topic, a book, a song lyric, a quote, a movie, a program, a person, a specific Muppet, a 1910’s slang word, a brand of cheese, a math equation, the name of one of Mercury’s moon (spoiler – Mercury has no moons), or anything that comes to mind. The website runs a very fancy algorithm and then tells you if you should be outraged or not.

I lied when I said it was a fancy algorithm, because whatever you type in, it always comes back with, “You should be outraged.”

I understand that this is a ridiculous premise, but unfortunately the concept is all too real. People are no longer taking the time to learn about something new or ask questions. They are immediately outraged because they believe that is what they are supposed to be.

I am not advocating for mindless obedience, but the opposite of that, ridiculous rage, is equally as bad.

It is okay to disagree. But make sure that you disagree civilly, and only after you’ve spent the time to research and learn about what it is you’re disagreeing about.

Remember to check out Outrage Over Time to learn more about how/why we should be becoming less outraged the older we get.

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